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LDN 2021 Livestream

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Target Audience

This conference has been designed for clinicians, clinical researchers, pharmacists, and well-educated patients with complex medical conditions. It is assumed that the participants will have general knowledge of human physiology and medicine, and an interest in the use of Low Dose Naltrexone

Instructions to Receive Credit

In order to receive credit for this activity, the participant must fully complete the online form, receive at least 90% pass mark. On passing the certificate will be emailed except for Pharmacists, full details will be emailed to Global to submit.

Statement of Need/Program Overview

The LDN Research Trust partners with clinicians, clinical researchers, pharmacists, and patients to support breakthroughs in treatment for autoimmune diseases and cancer via the development of clinical trials. Now, more than ever, we must encourage life-long learning among clinicians so that they may exceed the standard of care. CME ensures the enhancement of clinicians’ performance and the pursuit of patient health.

Educational Objectives

After completing this activity, the participant should be better able to:

  • Define the mechanism of action of Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).
  • Discuss why LDN is different than regular dose naltrexone
  • Describe the contradictions to use of LDN in a patient
  • Describe the benefits observed in the treatment of patients with LDN
  • Describe the side effects observed in the treatment of patients with LDN
  • Describe commonly used adjunctive agents and lifestyle modifications in combination with LDN