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LDN 2023 Recorded Presentations

LDN in Dermatology
April Bodemer, MD, FAAD
LDN for Chronic Pain in Hypermobility Spectrum Disorder / Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome
Lynn Gufeld, AGACNP
Low Dose Naltrexone
Darin Ingels, ND
Long COVID: Pathogenesis, and Treatment Options, Including Low Dose Naltrexone
John Lambert, MD, PhD
1. LDN for Alcohol Use Disorder
2. LDN Surprises and Side Effects"
Elizabeth Livengood, ND
Advances in Dosing of LDN, Note from a Compounding Pharmacist
Michelle Moser, RPh, FACA, FACVP
New Concepts in the Treatment of PCOS
Pamela Smith, MD, MPH, MS
Low Dose Naltrexone as an Adjunctive Therapy for Speech Acquisition in Autism Spectrum Disorder
Brian D Udell, MD
LDN, Peptides and Synergistic Therapies to Support Immune Tolerance
Cory Tichauer, ND
The Applications of Different LDN Dosage Forms that Compounding Pharmacists Offer (Lozengez, Capsule, Topical, Suspension); Pet and Human Dosages
Masoud Rashidi, PharmD
Lowering Hashimoto's Thyroiditis Antibodies with LDN Mona Morstein, ND, DHANP, VNMI
LDN and Alopecia
Miriam Martinez Callejas, MPharm
Scar and Wound Therapy with Topical LDN
Nat Jones RPh, FAPC
LDN Reduced Anxiety in PwMS During the COVID-19 Pandemic
Laura Odom, Anatomy Ph.D. Candidate
Dosing Variability and Clinic Perspective Sebastian Denison Clinical Compounding Pharmacist
LDN & Emergent Immune Events
Stefanie Werner, NMD
An Introduction to Blockages
Richard Nahas, MD
1. Cancer and Case Studies
2. Long COVID and Case Studies
Angus Dalgleish, MD, FRCP, FRACP
Hopkins Long COVID Clinic Experience with LDN
Alba Miranda Azola, MD
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome
Samyadev Datta, MD