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What is the aim of the LDN Masterclass?

Discounts for those who purchase the 2023 LDN Research Trust Membership

To take part you first must have to have purchased:

  • The MasterClass fee $600 – 50% Discount for Members
  • The LDN 2022 Conference Recordings - $499 - 25% Discount for Members
  • The LDN Book 3 - 25% Discount for Members

The 2023 MasterClass Exam

The Learning Material is the LDN 2022 Conference Recordings and The LDN Book 3.

  • Watch the 17 Hours of the 2022 Conference Recordings
  • Read The LDN Book 3
  • Take the exam
  • 100 questions, pass mark 95%
  • Questions are in 4 sections of 25
  • You can retake any section without additional fees
  • Once you have completed all sections and passed you can submit for the LDN Specialist Certificate

The LDN Specialist Certificate covers 2023. To remain an LDN Specialist an annual exam needs to be taken.

What do I receive?

Upfront Details

  • A new Certificate annually, after passing the exam
  • Recognition as an LDN Specialist Prescriber or LDN Specialist Pharmacist
  • LDN Specialist Logo on your Membership Listing on LDNRT website
  • Invitation to take part in the LDN Q&As videos

Promoted as an LDN Specialist:

  • On LDN RT Social Media Platforms
  • On the LDN Radio Show
  • Video of interview added to YouTube and Vimeo Channels
  • Article on you in the newsletter

Our Promise

How We Can Help

  • Organize LDN Seminars
  • Promote your events

Generate PowerPoints to include

  • Specific Conditions
  • Research Papers
  • Past LDNRT Conference Material