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Jill Brook, MA - Nutrition for POTS and MCAS

Jill Brook, MA, has been a nutritionist and researcher for over 20 years, and an autoimmune patient for over 25. Jill grew up in Wisconsin, earned degrees from Princeton University and UCLA, then worked as a nutritionist and researcher for UCLA and the Pritikin Longevity Center. Since 2001 her private practice in California has helped people improve health through evidence-based nutrition, plus the science of willpower and food psychology…because knowing what to eat doesn’t always make it easier to do it!

In 2013, Jill’s dysautonomia worsened, leading her to change focus to dietary strategies for autoimmunity, gut and microbiome health, mast cell activation, chronic pain management, sleep and other aspects of chronic complex illness. Since 2016 Jill has served as nutrition consultant to Dysautonomia Clinic and has earned a reputation for helping people with complex challenges. Jill also serves on the Board of Standing Up to POTS, founded PatientsCount.org, hosts the POTScast, and works on several research teams publishing findings on POTS, dysautonomia, mast cell activation syndrome, and related conditions.