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Yoon Hang "John" Kim, MD, MPH - LDN 2023

Dr. Kim has been trained in family medicine, preventive medicine and public health, acupuncture, and integrative medicine. He completed a two-year residential fellowship with Dr. Andrew Weil at University of Arizona Medical Center. He has founded Georgia Integrative Medicine and published Tao of Healing: A story of Georgia Integrative Medicine, which details the experience of a healing community founded in a rural Georgia setting. Dr. Kim has worked as an integrative medicine consultant to institutions in strategic planning for a sustainable integrative medicine program. He has published 28 articles and books, including an article on LDN and a book on LDN. He is currently working as the clinical director of integrative health in a value-based population health setting. Dr. Kim also has a private practice specializing in LDN use serving Texas, Florida, and Georgia.

How to Get the Most Using LDN for Pain, Autoimmune Conditions, and Neurological Conditions