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Who Wrote What in the Book?

Preface by Linda Elsegood, Founder LDN Research Trust

Foreword by Pamela W. Smith, M.D., MPH, MS

Pharmacology and Best Clinical Practices by J. Stephen Dickson, BSC (hons) MRPharmS

Drug-Resistant Depression by Dr. Elizabeth Livengood, NMD

Virally Damaged Tissues ( including: COVID-19, Herpes Simplex (HSV 1 & 2), Varicella-Zoster, Human Parvovirus B19 (B19V), Epstein-Barr (EBV) by Sarah J. Zielsdorf, MD, MS

LDN and Longevity by Yusuf M. (JP) Saleeby, MD

Mixed Connective Tissue Disease by Deanna Windham, DO

Mold Illness and CIRS by Kent Holtorf, MD

Ophthalmic Conditions by Sebastian Denison, RPh, FAAR

Long COVID by Professor Angus G. Dalgleish, FRCP FRCPath FMedSci and Wai M. Liu, PhD

Cancer and Case Studies by Angus Dalgleish,FRCP FRCPath FMedSc Wai M. Liu, PhD and Nasha Winters, ND, FABNO

Epilogue by Yoon Hang “John” Kim, MD

APPENDIX - Dosing Protocols by Sarah J. Zielsdorf, MD, MS