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LDN 2021 Program Agenda - Extra

Extra Conference Presentations

Eastern Daylight Time Zone (UTC-4)

Lyme Disease Darin Ingels, ND
Strategies for reducing excess body fat and its resulting inflammation for people who can’t diet or exercise Jill Brook, MA
Rheumatology - Update 2021 Edyta Biernat-Kaluza, MD, PhD
Pamela Smith, MD, MS
Pamela Smith, MD, MS
Henoch-Schonlein Purpura Sally Daughtrey, ND
Addressing the inflammatory impact of psoriasis Apple Bodemer, MD
Cooling the fire of lichen planopilaris Apple Bodemer, MD
Reclaim the Lives of Lupus Patients, A Unique Treatment Approach Deanna Windham, DO
An Integrative Approach to Sarcoidosis and Mixed Connective Tissue Disease Deanna Windham, DO
Eosinophilic Esophagitis Is More Treatable Than You Think Deanna Windham, DO
Endogenous opioids modulate inflammation in the animal model of Multiple Sclerosis Chirag Patel, MD
Multiple Sclerosis - The role of combination therapy of LDN and Testosterone to improve Muscular Weakness and Sex Drive, hence enhancing quality of life Harpal Bains, MD
Delivery Systems Yusuf Saleeby, MD
A Non-Invasive First Approach Toward Idiopathic Female Infertility
Sarah Zielsdorf, MD, MS
New approaches to managing fibromyalgia pain Ginevra Liptan, MD
A Curious Case Study: When the only solution is Skull-Reconstruction Elizabeath Livengood, NMD
Treating Children’s Health in a Special Needs Pediatric Practice Brian Udell, MD
PTSD and other mental health treatment with opioid antagonist: dosing and adjusting to a moving target. Gayln Forester, MS, LPC
Cancer Case Studies Akbar Khan, MD
Autoimmunity in Families Sarah Zielsdorf, MD, MS