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Harpal Bains, MBBS, DFSRH, PGC Aest Med (Dist) - LDN 2023

Dr Bains has been immersed in the world of bioidentical hormones, functional medicine and environmental medicine for the past 10 years after following a conventional path within the NHS, completing her basic surgical rotation.

Dr Bains is an advanced BHRT practitioner and has been trained under Dr Neal Rouzier. She is trained in Psychosexual Medicine and has completed her Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. She is also an advanced practitioner in Aesthetic Medicine.

She found that her core skill set was in unravelling complex medical puzzles and putting together protocols that could be adapted to individuals based on their unique history, mindset and personality.

Currently, her focus is in patient psychology, brain retraining and the concept of ‘helping the body help itself’. She also trains other medical practitioners in her methodology and protocols within her practice. This has helped give her the time to focus on discovering and exploring new ideas and where relevant, incorporate them within her practice. She fervently believes that as medical practitioners, we have to constantly be curious, ask questions and have intellectual humility.

Her goals for the future include writing and hopefully getting published, for both creative fiction and medical subjects close to her heart. She also hopes to crack the mystery of how to design the perfect pair of heels that you can walk all over London’s uneven, paved roads and survive!

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