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Dagmara Beine, MPAS, PhD - LDN 2023

Dr. Beine is revolutionizing the Pediatric Cancer World! She holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine, and has over a decade of experience in Emergency Medicine, as well as being the CEO and practitioner at her Wisconsin based integrative health clinic, Zuza’s Way. Her expertise is only surpassed by her passion, which is fueled by the fire that burns within the soul of a mother whose child has battled cancer. Her daughter’s four fights against AML lead to Dagmara being steadfast in her knowledge that there is a better way. Lead by this passion, she is uncompromising in her treatment of patients as a whole, looking after their minds and bodies. She uses a Terrain-based approach, including modalities such as lifestyle modification, Mistletoe therapy, LDN, ozone, targeted supplements, and more. Her new book, An Integrative Approach to Pediatric Cancer will be coming out soon and making waves throughout the world as we begin to treat pediatric cancer patients in A Better Way.

LDN's Role in a Terrain-centric Approach to Pediatric Cancer