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Amalia Fantasia, PhD - LDN 2023

Dr. Fantasia is a widely recognized pioneer in the field of IV nutritional medicine with more than 30 years of experience. Her dedication to refining and expanding the field is revered by chemists, bioengineers, geneticists, and physicians worldwide.

Dr. Fantasia founded Associates in Preventative Medicine, a licensed primary care facility serving the New Jersey, New York, and Pennsylvania tri-state region. In partnership with her medical director, Fantasia implements proprietary IV nutrition therapies to successfully treat health diagnoses and conditions including cancer, heart disease, erectile dysfunction, opioid dependence, long Covid, and auto-immune disorders. Fantasia’s innovative and ever-expanding protocols continue to help hundreds of patients to improve their quality of life. Her evidence- based clinical data and standard of care are highly regarded as both beneficial and practical by large-scale health organizations and wellness practitioners.

Fantasia holds a PhD in chemistry, both an MBA in healthcare finance and a BS MT (AMT) in Chemistry from Temple University, and a PhD in Health Care Administration from City University of New York. Fantasia is the author of “God’s Ingredients” and “God’s Ingredients Too: My 30-Year Journey in IV Nutritional Medicine” and well-known and respected host of Health Watch, a live and interactive weekly radio program on Philadelphia’s 1210 WPHT. Fantasia has been a featured speaker at various medical and scientific conferences, events, and institutions. Fantasia currently volunteers charitable time at the Atlantic City Mission and is the acting lab director for their primary care facility and plasma center (PCR) in Atlantic City, NJ.

LDN with Nutritional Medicine