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Elizabeth Livengood, NMD

January 20, 2021 1 min read

Elizabeth Livengood, NMD

Dr. Livengood is an integrative primary care doctor in Arizona using cutting edge therapies along with traditional natural treatments to produce the best outcomes for her patients. She especially loves working with growth factors and platelet-rich-plasma for pain relief, collagen building and hair restoration. Uniquely, she adds Low Level Light Therapy to synergistically improve the healing effects of all other treatments. Dr. Livengood’s areas of expertise include autoimmune conditions, hormone regulation and hair restoration.

Dr. Livengood loves working with inquisitive, motivated patients. She also loves to laugh with you, seek the positive and understand what drives you. She continues to teach yoga and medical school courses, while volunteering regularly with “Where There is No Doctor” in Thailand. If this sounds like your future partner in health, please contact Dr. Livengood Natural Health today to start creating optimal health in all aspects of your life.


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