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Dr Andrew McCall

June 03, 2021 1 min read

Dr Andrew McCall

Dr Andrew McCall qualified in Medicine in 1984, from Glasgow University, he trained as a primary care physician and travelled widely in many countries in the first few years of qualifying. He has developed a broad range of skills, experience, expertise and knowledge over the decades of different diseases and patient profiles.

He has always been very patient-centred and has extensive knowledge of complementary treatments used in combination with conventional medicine. He set up Clinic 158 in the early 2000 and started prescribing LDN in 2004 in response to patients with conditions who had inadequate responses from traditional therapies. 

Dr McCall retired from active practice three years ago to develop and manage Clinic 158. Since then, Clinic 158 has evolved, adapted, changed, and more than quadrupled in size, and his medical team continue to expand its patients-base in the UK and beyond.