"Together" - A film that will investigate LDN as a treatment for Autism in children

In 2022 we hope to produce our next documentary that will investigate the treatment of Autism in children and how it can be treated with Low Dose Naltrexone (LDN).

Your donation will allow us to interview the worlds leading doctors currently using this treatment and produce a film that is sure to be essential viewing for medical practitioners but possibly a life changing discovery for parents who could discover a new pathway forward for their child.

The film will examine thoughts on why Autism is on the rise, which factors may be causing this epidemic and how LDN might be successfully utilised in a low cost, safe, treatment regime.

Donations contribute towards the complete costs of production including research time, travel, editing costs, music licensing and marketing of the end product globally.

We are seeking $40,000 and expect to start production in January 2022.

Please donate if you would like to support us, every single dollar will help.

We are also offering one person or organisation the opportunity to sponsor the film. This will give them - credit at the opening and closing of the film, a sneak preview 7 days before the public see it and the rights to publicise their support on their own marketing platforms.