7th December 2021 LDN Research Trust Webinar


Dr Deanna Windham -the alternative to the mainstream narrative: that there are known triggers for these epigenetic diseases.

Dr Elizabth Livengood - Polymyalgia Rheumatica, PMR

Deanna Windham, DO -is a proponent of the innate healing capacity of the human body. We don’t heal with traditional approaches, she believes, because they focus solely on disease treatment and symptoms, while ignoring underlying factors that cause disease states to begin with. Another limiting factor to healing is breaking the body apart into isolated systems that ignore how the body works together for health or illness and must be treated as a whole. When all such factors are discovered and treated, healing is a natural state of human being. 

Dr. Windham specializes in immune and autoimmune disorders, but treats all concerns with a holistic, integrative approach. She has utilized and is familiar with dozens of treatment modalities that she uses to treat each person individually. Throughout 20 years of practicing medicine, she has earned a reputation among patients and practitioners alike as being compassionate and caring, and is sometimes called the Sherlock Holmes of medicine for her thoroughness and ability to investigate and find treatment options for even the most difficult cases. 

Elizabeth Livengood, NMD,is a graduate of Southwest College of Naturopathic Medicine for her Doctorate of Naturopathic Medicine and University of Phoenix for her Master’s in Education. She completed an integrative adult medicine residency where she learned about Low Dose Naltrexone and began teaching at the medical college. Prior to that, Dr. Livengood taught science, health and yoga since 2002.

As a doctor, she has enjoyed work in community clinics, in private practice and in various teaching capacities. She enjoys educating her patients, lecturing at conferences and leading yoga classes, workshops and teacher trainings. Her area of expertise is treating autoimmunity by integrating conventional and natural therapies, which range from cutting edge hair and collagen restoration to foundational nutrition and lifestyle therapies.

Dr. Livengood is a medical advisor for the LDN Research Trust, and an active member in her state association (AzNMA). She contributes regularly to professional publications and has two major writing projects in the works. Recently, she joined two podcasts focusing on a holistic approach to health from a mind/body/spirit perspective. You can find her educational resources at LivengoodHealth.com.