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Paul S. Anderson, NMD

Dr. Anderson is a recognized educator and clinician in integrative and naturopathic medicine, focusing on complex infectious, chronic, and oncologic illnesses. In addition to three decades of clinical experience, he was also head of the interventional arm of a US-NIH-funded human research trial using IV and integrative therapies in cancer patients. He founded Advanced Medical Therapies in Seattle, Washington, a clinic focusing on cancer and chronic diseases, and he now focuses his time in collaboration with clinics and hospitals in the US and other countries.

Former positions include multiple medical school posts, Professor of Pharmacology and Clinical Medicine at Bastyr University and Chief of IV Services for Bastyr Oncology Research Center.  

He is co-author of the Hay House book "Outside the Box Cancer Therapies" with Dr. Mark Stengler as well as a co-author with Jack Canfield in the anthology "Success Breakthroughs" and the Lioncrest Publishing book "Cancer… The Journey from Diagnosis to Empowerment.". He is co-author of the IV textbook "A Scientific Reference for Intravenous Nutrient Therapy" with Dr. Osborne and Carter.

He is a frequent CME speaker and writer and has extended his educational outreach, creating an online CE website, "ConsultDrA.com", and Advanced Applications in Medical Practice (AAMP) conferences. AAMP is dedicated to bringing next-level learning to healthcare professionals to enhance their knowledge and clinical skills in a CME-approved format. 

Maximizing LDN Clinical Effect and Success

Harpal Bains, MD

Dr Harpal Bains has been immersed in the world of bioidentical hormones, functional medicine, and environmental medicine for the past ten years after following a conventional path within the NHS and completing her basic surgical rotation. 

Dr Bains is an advanced BHRT practitioner trained by Dr Neal Rouzier. She is trained in Psychosexual Medicine and has completed her Diploma in Sexual and Reproductive Healthcare. She is also an advanced practitioner in Aesthetic Medicine.

She found that her core skill set was unravelling complex medical puzzles and putting together protocols that could be adapted to individuals based on their unique history, mindset and personality.

Currently, she focuses on patient psychology, brain retraining and the concept of 'helping the body help itself'. She also trains other medical practitioners in her methodology and protocols within her practice. This has helped give her the time to focus on discovering and exploring new ideas and, where relevant, incorporating them within her practice. She fervently believes medical practitioners must constantly be curious, ask questions, and have intellectual humility.

Her goals for the future include writing and hopefully getting published for both creative fiction and medical subjects close to her heart. She also hopes to crack the mystery of how to design the perfect pair of heels to walk all over London's uneven, paved roads and survive.

LDN's Impact on Ageing  - a comparison study of measured biological age at 0,2 and 12 months after starting LDN

Dagmara Beine, Mpas, Phd 

Dr. Beine is revolutionizing the Pediatric Cancer World! She holds a PhD in Integrative Medicine, has over a decade of experience in Emergency Medicine, and is the CEO and practitioner at her Wisconsin-based integrative health clinic, Zuza's Way. Her expertise is only surpassed by her passion, which is fueled by the fire that burns within the soul of a mother whose child has battled cancer. Her daughter's four fights against AML lead to Dagmara being steadfast in her knowledge that there is a better way. Lead by this passion, she is uncompromising in her treatment of patients as a whole, looking after their minds and bodies. She uses a Terrain-based approach, including modalities such as lifestyle modification, Mistletoe therapy, LDN, ozone, targeted supplements, and more. Her new book, An Integrative Approach to Pediatric Cancer, will be coming out soon and making waves worldwide as we begin to treat pediatric cancer patients in A Better Way.

LDN in Paediatric Care

Kristen Cardamone, DO

Dr. Cardamone uses a comprehensive, integrative approach to pain conditions. She specializes in preventing and treating neuromusculoskeletal pain disorders through various innovative, non-surgical approaches uniquely tailored to resolving pain and improving function. Dr. Cardamone has niche interests in cancer and pregnancy-related pain. In addition to traditional interventional pain injections, Dr Cardamone performs some alternative procedures such as Prolozone injections, Lyftogt Perineural Injection Treatment, PRP, and A2M, among others.

Dr. Cardamone has been performing interventional pain procedures since 2008 and received her training in Manhattan's top hospitals, including New York Presbyterian, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Beth Israel Medical Center. She utilizes her traditional medical skillset with a unique integrative approach to pain conditions. Her practice is devoted to treating a broad population of patients of all ages, ranging from elite athletes to active adults who are suffering from acute or chronic pain. Dr Cardamone provides high-quality, personalized care where she takes the time to get to know her patients, their functional goals, and their lifestyles. She is passionate about advocating for her patients and problem-solving complex cases to make the correct diagnosis and offer treatment options to those who may have exhausted traditional care. Her integrative approach emphasizes treating the root cause of pain conditions and ensures that her patients return as quickly and safely as possible to the activities with minimal to no pain through customized treatment plans.

LDN-boosted doses for autoimmune and chronic neuropathy

Angus Dalgleish, MD, FRCP, FRACP

Dr Dalgleish trained at University College Hospital and then in internal medicine and oncology at hospitals in Brisbane and Sydney. He was a Senior Clinical Scientist at the MRC Clinical Research Centre at Northwick Park, which led to the licensing of Revlimid (Lenalidomide) and Pomalidomide (Pomalyst) for myeloma and lymphoma. He was awarded the Joshua Lederberg Prize in 2011 in recognition of this work.

Since 1991, he has been a Professor of Oncology at St. George's University of London. During this time, he has focused on the immunotherapy of cancer and has conducted numerous clinical trials involving a variety of vaccines and immunotherapy. Since 2001, he has been the Principal of the Cancer Vaccine Institute, currently focusing on the revival of the Mycobacterium-based vaccines that were dropped by SR Pharma and now resurrected by Immodulon.

He is on numerous scientific advisory boards involving the development of vaccines and immunotherapy, including Celgene, Immodulon, Curevac, Bionor Pharma, and LDN Pharma. He was the Chief Investigator of a randomised clinical trial in patients with metastatic pancreatic cancer for Immodulon (IMM-101) and Gemcitabine versus Gemcitabine alone, which has shown a significant survival advantage for the IMM-101 combination with no significant toxicities. (Dalgleish et al., BJC 2016). In addition, his observations that Revlimid is co-stimulatory when given with vaccines has been confirmed in a randomised study of a therapeutic vaccine for HIV, where it significantly increased the CD4 counts, which have not responded to HAART or the vaccine alone.

LDN in the Use of Cancer

Sebastian Denison, RPh, FAARM 

Sebastian received his BSc in Pharmacy at the University of British Columbia. He worked at a compounding pharmacy in North Vancouver for 11 years, specializing in HRT, veterinary, pain and sports compounding. He was also the manager of Pharmacy Operations with the 2010 Vancouver Winter Olympic/Paralympic Games and then the Whistler Olympic Village Polyclinic Pharmacy manager. In addition to his role as a PCCA clinical compounding pharmacist, Sebastian works with both the US and Canadian CORE compounding training education teams and the pharmacy student education team. Sebastian also speaks at physician, pharmacist and other healthcare professional education symposiums and events. He has recently lectured on Nutrition and Pain, Pharmacy Compounding and Collaborative Practice, Novel Uses for Naltrexone, Ketamine's role in Depression and Hormone Replacement Therapy across North America.  

Dosing Optimization

Stephen Dickson, BSC (Hons), MRPharmS

Stephen Dickson has worked with LDN in the UK for over a decade. He works together with pharma partners in the industry to stabilise the supply chain and standardise methods of obtaining prescriptions in a safe and compliant manner. He also runs the well-established private medical department of Dickson Chemist and 9 NHS pharmacies in Glasgow, Scotland.

Stephen also works in several other businesses, owning a technology company responsible for dispensing the majority of the methadone in the UK in community pharmacies (MethaMeasure) and one of the largest online controlled drugs systems in the UK (CDRx).

In his spare time, Stephen plays guitar in several bands (including a Ceilidh band), is on the board of directors of a semi-professional theatre group (where he generally functions as the costume guru), oversees their MethaMeasure North American operation, and is a frequent speaker at LDN conferences internationally.

The History, Mechanism of Action of LDN

Kent Holtorf, MD

Dr Holtorf is the medical director of the Holtorf Medical Group(Holtorfmed.com), the founder and medical director of the non-profit National Academy of Hypothyroidism and the founder of Integrative Peptides (IntegrativePeptides.com), which is dedicated to training physicians about groundbreaking peptide therapies and bringing doctors and patients the highest quality natural bioidentical peptides as supplements with unique delivery systems.

Dr. Holtorf is an internationally known lecturer, author, and innovator in cutting-edge research and treatments. He has personally trained numerous physicians across the country in the use of bioidentical hormones, thyroid replacement for complex hypothyroidism syndromes, peptide therapies, immune-modulatory strategies, stem cell, exosome and growth factor treatment, hormone replacement for complex endocrine dysfunction, and innovative treatments of chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia, Lyme disease, and other chronic infectious diseases, CIRS, neurodegenerative diseases, and many others.

He is a fellowship lecturer for A4M, the Endocrinology Expert for AOL Health, and guest editor and peer-reviewer for the medical journals Endocrine, Postgraduate Medicine, and Pharmacy Practice. He has published many peer-reviewed endocrine reviews on complex, multisystem, poorly understood conditions. He has demonstrated that much of the long-held dogma in endocrinology and infectious disease is inaccurate.

He has been a guest on CNBC, ABC News, CNN, Fox News, Good Morning America, The Today Show, EXTRA TV, Discovery Health, The Learning Channel, Glenn Beck, Nancy Grace, Sean Hannity, and more and quoted in numerous print media including the Wall Street Journal, Los Angeles Times, US News and World Report, San Francisco Chronicle, WebMD, Forbes, among many others.

Topic TBD

Nat Jones, RPh, FAPC 

Mr. Jones, a licensed pharmacist in Texas, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University's Medical College of Virginia's School of Pharmacy in 1979. In 2014, after 20 years of owning a compounding pharmacy in Virginia, he joined Professional Compounding Centers of America's Pharmacy Clinical Services Department in Houston, Texas.   

Nat is an international speaker who, for decades, has given CE lectures at medical professional seminars and webinars on numerous compounding-related topics such as wound & scar care, pain management, ENT, women's health, hormone replacement therapy for men and women, neurotransmitter imbalance and dermatology.  

In 2010, he was awarded a full fellowship in the International Academy of Compounding Pharmacists (currently known as APC). He has published many articles in lay magazines and professional journals and helped create hundreds of compounding formulations.  

He is a husband, father, and accomplished singer/musician, but his most valued achievement is proudly having ten grandchildren.

Dermatologic Applications of LDN

Yoon Hang (John) Kim MD

Dr Kim has been participating in the integrative medicine movement since 1999. He has been a consultant, dean, founder, medical director, and director for entities committed to creating sustainable, strategic, and effective integrative medicine programs.

His last project was to create an Integrative Pain Management program in a value-based setting and building a team (MD, PT, NP) delivering effective non-pharmacological pain management aimed at increasing patient, provider, and staff engagement, optimizing outcomes (minimizing unnecessary medication, procedures, and surgeries). His strength is building a startup program with smallest footprint and biggest impact. Subsequent growth would be determined by institutional need and patient demand.

Dr. Kim is currently developing an integrative/functional/lifestyle medicine program through Memorial Hospital in Carthage, IL. He prefers to serve an organization with strong leadership, clear objectives, and commitment to sustainable integrative medicine. He can be reach through email: drkim@georgiaintegrative.com

Optimal Health through LDN: Gleaning from Two Decades of Experience

Neel D. Mehta, MD

Dr Mehta is the Director of the Weill Cornell Pain Management Center and an Associate Professor of Clinical Anesthesiology at Weill Cornell Medical College. He also serves as a Co-Director of the Center for Comprehensive Spine Care. He is President of the Eastern Pain Association and Director-at-Large Of the New York Society of Interventional Pain Physicians.  

Dr. Mehta completed his fellowship in Interventional Pain Medicine in the Tri-Institutional Pain Medicine Fellowship at NewYork-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center, Hospital for Special Surgery, and Memorial-Sloan Kettering Cancer Center. 

LDN Applications for Pain

Richard Nahas, MD 

Dr Nahas has practiced integrative medicine for over 20 years, including research, teaching and advocacy in Canada and the US. As the founder of the Seekers Wellness Group, he is developing a portfolio of innovative wellness services. He has dedicated his career to creating awareness and generating scientific evidence confirming blockages' key role as human illness's most important treatable root cause. He also supports the transition to blockage-based care as a major advance in personalized medicine in the 21st century.

Treat your blockages - the hidden lesions contributing to autoimmunity and chronic disease.

Yusuf (JP) Saleeby, MD

Dr Saleebyis an Integrative Medical Physician. He is an author of books and chapters in books on Functional and Holistic Medicine. Dr Saleeby is the Medical Director of two centers in South Carolina (Carolina Holistic Medicine) and the founder of the Priority Health Academy, the educational arm of the practice. His Academy provides education and training in functional medicine and also helps those wishing to establish centers similar to those in the US and Canada.  

He retired from Emergency Medicine after 17 years to focus on a more holistic approach to patient care. He is interested in Medical History and lectures on the American Civil War topics. He is a member of IFM, ILADS, AARM, and ISEAI and is in association with an advisor to the BODY, the LDN Research Trust, and the FLCCC.

LDN and Long COVID

LDN and Lyme Disease

Gilian Crowther, ND, NT

Gilian Crowther MA (Oxon), FBANT, mANP, mNNA, CNHC reg., is a fully qualified Naturopath (ND) and Nutritional Therapist (NT) with a clinic in London specialising in complex multisystem disorders. Her key focus is on infectious pathologies and mitochondrial dysfunction. She studied complementary therapy in Germany for many years before completing her training in the UK. She has been a senior member of AONM (the Academy of Nutritional Medicine www.aonm.org) since 2010, and is their Director of Research. She is a committee member of the General Naturopathic Council (GNC) as well as the British Society for Ecological Medicine (BSEM).

3 I in Long Covid: Infection + Immunesuppression + Inflammation: Diagnostic and Therapy Options

Pamela Wartian Smith, M.D., MPH, MS 

Dr Smith spent her first twenty years of practice as an emergency room physician with the Detroit Medical Center in a level 1 trauma center and then 28 years as an Anti-Aging/Functional Medicine specialist. She is a diplomat of the Board of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Physicians. She is an internationally known speaker and author on the subject of Anti-Aging/Precision Medicine. She also holds a Master's in Public Health Degree along with a master's degree in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine. 

Dr. Smith is in private practice and is the senior partner for The Center For Precision Medicine, which has offices in Michigan and Florida. She has been featured on CNN, PBS, and many other television networks, interviewed in numerous consumer magazines, and hosted two of her own radio shows. Dr. Smith was one of the featured physicians on the PBS series "The Embrace of Aging" as well as the online medical series "Awakening from Alzheimer's" and "Regain Your Brain". 

Dr. Pamela Smith is the founder of The Fellowship in Anti-Aging, Regenerative, and Functional Medicine and is the past co-director of the master's program in Metabolic and Nutritional Medicine at The Morsani College of Medicine, University of South Florida. She is the current director of the Personalized Medicine Certification program. In addition, Dr. Smith has authored fourteen best-selling books. 

COVID-Long Haul and the Use of LDN

Hashimoto's Thyroiditis: LDN an Essential Therapy

Leonard Weinstock, MD

Dr Weinstock is Board Certified in Gastroenterology and Internal Medicine. He is an Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine and Surgery at Washington University School of Medicine. Dr. Weinstock received a BA Magna Cum Laude from the University of Vermont and a medical degree from the University of Rochester School of Medicine. He completed his postgraduate training and was chief resident in Internal Medicine at Rochester General Hospital. His Gastroenterology Fellowship was performed at Washington University School of Medicine. 

Dr. Weinstock is an active lecturer and has published over 140 articles, abstracts, editorials and book chapters. He is currently researching mast cell activation syndrome, small intestinal bacterial overgrowth, restless legs syndrome, mold toxicity, and rosacea. Fifteen articles related to MCAS have been published within the last five years. He has given lectures throughout the country and in France. Dr Weinstock is a primary investigator on pharmaceutical studies with two research centers. Further information is available at www.gidoctor.net. 

Attacks of vomiting and pseudoobstruction with mold exposure

Mast cell activation syndrome 2024

Deanna Windham, DO

Dr. Deanna Windham is a veteran practitioner of Integrative, Regenerative, and Anti-Aging Medicines. With a wealth of knowledge gained through dedicated inquiry, continuous learning, and collaborations with pioneering leaders in these fields, she has developed her own unique approach to addressing health and disease. 

Dr. Windham's personal triumph over a lifelong autoimmune disease that culminated in a fatal prognosis during her residency fueled her dedication to advancing her knowledge and expertise in these fields of medicine to be of service to others suffering from chronic diseases. Dr. Windham's contributions extend beyond her clinical practice. She has authored numerous scholarly papers, appeared as a prominent guest on esteemed health talk shows, and serves as a sought-after speaker at healthcare conferences nationwide. She holds several online teaching courses for patients and practitioners and is awaiting the publication of her first book. She is driven by a relentless commitment to enhancing the well-being and longevity of her patients.

Dr Windham recently established her own center, Whole Human Life, where they help people with chronic debilitating diseases regain their health and live vibrant lives. She is committed to remaining on the frontlines of Integrative Medicine and helping to enhance the health and longevity of as many people as possible while ultimately helping to create a positive impact in the practice of medicine.

LDN in Rare Forms of Cancer

LDN and autoimmune urticaria

Sajad Zalzala, MD

Dr. Zalzala combines the unique qualities of an experienced doctor passionate about disease prevention and longevity with the strategic vision and skills of a serial entrepreneur. Dr. Z is one of the rare MDs personally licensed in all 50 States.

Dr. Z serves on the International College of Integrated Medicine board and has chaired two of their international conferences. He is the Clinical Investigator for the groundbreaking PEARL trial, the world's first and largest trial of rapamycin for aging in humans. He is also the principal investigator for many upcoming longevity-focused clinical trials.

Dr Z has been involved with multiple successful healthcare startups, including Pill Club, Jack Health, forHims and Modern Fertility. Dr. Z has been passionate about slowing and reversing age-related diseases for 20 years, which led to his decision to co-found AgelessRx. Dr. Z's vision for AgelessRx is for it to be the go-to platform for all things longevity to positively impact the lives of as many people as possible.

LDN as a Potential Gerotherapeutic for Longevity

Dr. Scott Zashin

Dr. Scott Zashin is a board-certified Internist and Rheumatologist in Dallas TX who specializes in the diagnosis and treatment of the spectrum of adult Rheumatologic conditions.

Compassionate. Excellent clinician. Good listener. Meticulous. Great sense of humor. Open-minded. Attentive. Progressive. This is how patients and colleagues describe him, and it’s why Dr. Zashin — or "Dr. Z.” as patients often call him — has consistently, year after year, been selected as a “Super Doctor” by Texas Monthly magazine, one of the “Best Doctors in Dallas” by D Magazine, and one of the “Best Doctors in America” by Woodard-White.

Dr. Zashin is a respected arthritis expert. A native of Short Hills, New Jersey, Dr. Zashin earned his undergraduate degree at Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire, and his medical degree at Dartmouth Medical School. He completed residencies in rheumatology and internal medicine at The University of Texas Southwestern Medical School at Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Zashin is board-certified in both rheumatology and internal medicine by the American Board of Rheumatology and the American Board of Internal Medicine, respectively. He is a member of the American College of Physicians, the Texas Medical Association, and the Dallas County Medical Society. He has also served on the Executive Board of the Arthritis Foundation and as a past President of the Lupus Foundation.

As an arthritis specialist, he is a clinical professor of internal medicine in the rheumatology division at UT Southwestern Medical School at Dallas. He is also a private-practice rheumatologist at Presbyterian Hospitals of Dallas, where he has practiced since 1989. He is an active advocate for people with arthritis. He served as President of the Lupus Foundation’s North Texas chapter, and is currently a board member of both the Lupus Foundation and the Arthritis Foundation of North Texas. As a distinguished and loyal “Big Green” alumnus, he also serves as North Texas Enrollment Director for Dartmouth College.

Dr. Zashin is married and has two grown daughters. His family time includes long walks with his family and dog as well as, attending his daughters’ stage performances and recitals.

Sarah J. Zielsdorf MD, MS

Dr. Sarah Zielsdorf is the Owner and Medical Director of Motivated Medicine, an innovative consultative medical practice in West Chicago, Illinois. She received a BA in Microbiology from Miami University and an MS in Public Health, Microbiology, and Emerging Infectious Diseases from The George Washington University. She earned her MD at Loyola University Chicago Stritch School of Medicine. She completed her residency at Loyola University Medical Center, and the Edward Hines Jr. VA Hospital is an Institute for Functional Medicine Certified Practitioner and board-certified in Internal Medicine.

The Motivated Medicine approach Dr. Z developed is rooted in Translational Medicine, which bridges the gap between current worldwide research and direct clinician care. Dr Zielsdorf's open-minded approach to treatment is informed by data, advanced diagnostic testing, whole-body wellness, tried-and-true "conventional" medicine, and so much more. As an autoimmune thyroid patient herself, she understands that every individual is biochemically and genetically unique.

Dr. Zielsdorf is an author featured in the LDN Book, Volume 2 and The LDN Book 3, and appeared in Dr. Izabella Wentz's documentary, The Thyroid Secret. She lectures nationally at universities and conferences on thyroid, microbiome, autoimmunity, and LDN. Dr Zielsdorf serves as the Education Director and a Medical and Research Advisor to the Low Dose Naltrexone Research Trust and has been a speaker at the International Low Dose Naltrexone Conferences since 2017. w ww.motivatedmedicine.com

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